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HYZ-NEW bait boat

Sincerely recruit agent/distributors. We are bait boat manufactuer and only do boat for 12years. If you have fishing shop or company and wanna to sell bait boat, PLEASE LEAVE ME MESSAGE. Welcome to test sample.

  • Boat size:680*450*300mm
  • Salling speed:1-2m/s
  • Bait Box:2pcs in the middle,automatic control open or close by transmitter
  • Loading bait weight:6kgs
  • Hook release device:2pcs on the boat back
  • Remote control distance:500m
  • Battery:lithium battery12V10AH*2pcs(main batteries)
  • Charging port: lithium battery12V10AH*2pcs(main batteries)
  • LED Light:On/Off in the transmitter
  • Boat color:Black Blue Customized
  • Integrated RC:including Transmitter GPS,Sonar fish finder,Autopilot functions
And GPS can memory 900pcs target point[30pcs fishing group. each group can memory 30pcs points].Sonar can know underwater depth, fish ,situation.detect 30meters.Autopilot let boat sail by itself without control. Can return to HOME point when has no signal.

Operation details

  1. Please open the battery box cover and install the battery, then connect them well, close the boat cover. In order to receive the best signal, please install the antenna for boat, and set them upward at last.
  2. Turn on the transmitter power first
  3. Then turn on the power switch of boat
  4. Please use the rockers to control the boat, check the motor, bait bunker, light, and hook release device, and then put the boat in water if they all work well.
  5. Put the bait into the bait bunkers, controlled by RC right rocker. Or put hook in the hook release device.
  6. Put the boat in water and drive the boat to cast bait and hooks at an anticipated place.
    Attention please:

    • if you want to control the bait boat go forward or backward, please use the Left Rocker Pole moving up or down. If you want to control the bait boat to make a turn left or right, please move the Rocker Pole go forward and at the same time turn left or right. If you want to cast the bait, please move right Rocker Pole to control the bait box open (left or right), it is automatic control. Right Rocker Pole (up or down) control the bait release device open.
    • Press “HOME” button for 3seconds and set an home point. This point should be near the reservoir bank. When it show 0meters on Led screen, means setting home point successfully.
    • Then control the boat sailing. When arrived an good place, you want to set it as an target. You need press“SAVE”button to save the point. And next time, you can press “POINT” button and use “UP” or “DOWN” button to look for the target . Then press “GO” button, the boat will sail to this target by itself.
    • Can set 30pcs target each time. If you want to delete useless target points, you can press“DEL”button.
    • Pay attention on the LED screen, the upper part is sonar information. It shows underwater situation, fish symbol, depth. Also you can press“PAUSE”button to let the pause screen and observe details.
    • When boat finish casting bait and hook, you can press“RETURN TO HOME”button. The boat can return to the home point by itself directly without control.
    • Sonar Part:
      Display Size:5″TFT LCD;Sunlight Viewable Resolution:160*256Pixels; Language:English; Depth Capability:30m; Sonar Frequency:115khz; Sonar Beam Angle:15°
      GPS Part:
      Memory 30pcs different reservoir location Each reservoir has 30pcs target point in memory.
      Autopilot Part:
      Set home point is important. (Home point should be in the near the bank). When GPS lose signal or we turn off the transmitter, boat can return to home point by itself.
  7. Please control the boat back in time when finish casting. And turn off the switch on the boat firstly, then turn off the remote controller.
  8. In normal use, please pay attention to boat lights. When battery has low power, all the boat lights will be winking. Please change or charge the batteries in time.
  9. When operating the boat in the evening, please turn on the LED light.
  10. Please do some practices nearby the water without weeds firstly, then carry on actually fishing when you are professional. At first, please try a set of hooks, then add more sets of hooks later. In this way, you could avoid the problem of hook be enlaced.

Packing List

Product Name Qty Specification
Remote Control Bait Boat 1 68*45*30cm
Remote Controller 1 2.4GHz
Boat Li-ion Battery 1 12V/10AH*2
Battery Charger 1 For Battery
Antenna 1 For receiving signal
Introduction 1 Instruction Manual
Bag 1 For easy packing
Carton (foam inside) 1 89*56*41cm