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Design boat as your requirement


Glad to share you that our bait boat factory already do boats for 12years. So if you have any requirement or new idea of boat.Please contact us.Thanks

We try our best to meet your requirements. Thanks

Boat Standard configuration

Boat size:680*450*300mm
Sailing speed:1-2m/s
Bait Box:2pcs in the middle, automatic control open or close by transmitter
Loading bait weight:6kgs
Hook release device:2pcs on the boat back
Remote control distance:500m
Battery: lithium battery12V10AH*2pcs (main batteries
Charging port: double on the boat back
LED Light: On/Off in the transmitter
Transmitter including RC, GPS, Sonar fish finder, Autopilot functions

Usually, boat have black color or blue color

Sample can send to you soon by DHL or by UPS.

And GPS can memory 900pcs target point[30pcs fishing group. each group can memory 30pcs points].

Sonar can know underwater depth, fish ,situation.detect 30meters.

Autopilot let boat sail by itself without control. Can return to HOME point when has no signal.Can help anglers save time and energy to catch big fish.